Simple Radio Hosting

Solutions for your radio station

We have created amazing radio hosting plans just for you to set up

your online radio in just simple few steps.

Check out our demo radio station powered by our wohooo servers

Music Library

Sort your music library to broadcast with your Wohooo radio hosting plans.

Remote Access

Access your radio station while traveling and schedule your shows at your ease.

High Bandwidth

Using the latest technology in connectivity Wohoo delivers high bandwidth resources to power your radio station.

Your own radio station

Wohooo helps you set up your own radio station with our easy to use web app which connects easily to any radio broadcasting software. Starting an amateur radio or improving your professional radio hasn’t been so easy.

Powerful Radio Applications

discover our great features

Radio Automation Software

AutoDJ System

Build Your Playlist

Easy web-based stream configuration

AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler

Comprehensive statistics and royalty reports

Comprehensive autoDJ system. Never again will you need to rely on your own PC to broadcast your radio!

Playlist control precisely how and when content will be played -- at a specific time, on a repeating schedule, or on a rotation schedule.

Performance Reports

Drag & Drop

Set Your Team

Get information about listener trends and demographics, data transfer, track performances and popularity, user agents, and much, much more.

Schedule your content with simply by moving your files in the selected playlist with the drag & drop action.

Assign producers to programme slots and give them just the right level of control.

Get Revenue From Ads

Be Heard Around The World

Broadcast 24/7

Add interviews, adverts or any other audio file to playlists that you can save and use again and again.

Stream directly to multiple devices and services like iTunes, TuneIn, Windows Media and other radio directories.

There is no limit on the number of hours you are broadcasting. All our plans include unlimited bandwidth.

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