Create An Internet

Radio Station

Create your own Internet Radio Station today and broadcast to the world.

We offer Simple Online Radio Platform

Discover a whole new radio experience

Radio Automation

Use our favourite radio platforms Centova Cast & Airtime. Which are easy to set up and user friendly.

Web Hosting

Host your website with our partner at providing you optimized servers with great performance.

Mobile App

Boost your audience and give more chance to your listeners to reach your station.

Website Builder

Build your radio station

with an easy to use builder. Our clients have tested it and they love it.

The Wohooo DJ!

Get Started

Setting up an online radio station is more easy that would think. We have listed few things required to get started.

A computer, It can be a PC or a Mac

A Radio plan which you will find here

An Internet Connection, and that’s it!

Read more about what it takes to set your radio station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Do I need a license?

It cost a lot to maintain, monitor and pay licensing for our servers. We can provide you with a free 14 days trial account.

Online Radio doesn't require licenses to operate. But you are required to report & pay your music royalties to your local legal institution.

Is there any contract?

Can I monetize my radio?

No, you are free to cancel anytime and create as much accounts you want. You can eventually sell radio slots with our dedicated plan.

Yes, you are free to place ads in your radio station channel, your radio app or your website. This is a good way to generate revenue from your radio.

Do you provide radio apps?

How to get started?

We are in partnership with the guys at who create amazing radio apps both on iOs & Android. We some great deals available.

You can get in touch with us if you have any questions on how to get started or simply order your plan and follow our online documentations.

Got any questions? We love that! Contact us we would be glad to hear them.

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