Create An Internet

Radio Station

Create your own Internet Radio Station today and broadcast to the world.


Broadcast your talk show or favourite music

Connecting listeners from all around the world

Radio Automation

Use our favourite radio platforms Centova Cast & Airtime. Which are easy to set up and user friendly.

Web Hosting

Host your website with our partner at providing you optimized servers with great performance.

Mobile App

Boost your audience and give more chance to your listeners to reach your station.

Website Builder

Build your radio station

with an easy to use builder. Our clients have tested it and they love it.

The Wohooo DJ!

Get Started

Setting up an online radio station is more easy that would think. We have listed few things required to get started.

A computer, It can be a PC or a Mac

A Radio plan which you will find here

An Internet Connection, and that’s it!

Read more about what it takes to set your radio station.

We offer Simple & Affordable Pricing

Discover a whole new radio experience

Radio Plan

Starting at


per month

The radio plan is the ultimate feature required to start your online radio station.

The plan comes with:


AAC Audio Quality Streaming


Free Audio Storage


Unlimited Bandwidth


Unlimited DJ Accounts


Free Radio Player


Simultaneous Listeners


Centova Cast Control Panel


Stream 24hrs over 7 days




Airtime Plan

Starting at


per month

Looking for a fast and reliable Airtime host? We do Airtime Radio services on our cloud servers.

The plan comes with:


SSD Disk Space


Virtual Memory


Unlimited Bandwidth


Unlimited DJ Accounts


3 Simultaneous Streams


Unlimited Listeners Slots


Airtime Radio Automation


Stream 24hrs over 7 days




App Plan

Starting at


per month

Bring your radio station to popular mobile platforms with iOs and Android radio apps.

The plan comes with:


Free Logo & Background Customization


Submission To App Store


Yearly Update


Social Connect


About & Contact Section


Google Analytics


In App Messages


Control Panel Management




Got any questions? We love that! Contact us we would be glad to hear them.